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There’s no better way for you to dial in your dogs nutrition plan than by using Energetic Reboot.

We all know that eating processed food is bad for you and the same is true for your pet…


Pet food manufacturers commonly use ingredients that our pets are allergic to. The most common food allergens included are beef, lamb, chicken, chicken eggs, dairy products, and soy or gluten(from wheat).


Allergy tests from the Veterinarian typically costs $200-300 dollars, take time out of your day traveling to and from the clinic, and are only 50%-60% accurate when all said and done.


Quantum Physics computing gives us the ability to understand how cells within the body are reacting with one another instantly. 

With Energetic Reboot, for a fraction of the cost you can easily check on vital points of your pets health instantly. 

Simply use our remote handheld scanning device from the comfort of your own home. 


This check up, on the cellular level, allows us to detect many issues before physical symptoms arise!!!


It’s non-invasive, silent, and painless for your pet. 

Within seconds, receive detailed results identifying malabsorption, environmental toxins, and sensitivities in your pets diet. 


Your pets allergies will change over time just as humans do. Our pets can’t speak to us therefore its up to us as pet owners to consistently monitor their health. 


In seconds, you can monitor your pets health from wherever you are in the world with Energetic Reboot!

Remote Pet Wellness Scanner 

8 Second

Non-invasive scan

Nutritional Issues 

Easy to read layout

Sensitivities to Environmental toxins

Easy to read

Priority Scale

Connects via Bluetooth 

with your 

iPhone or Android 

Quantum physics healthcare technology

tested on humans


Know instantly 

if your pet is suffering from any Nutritional items

The breakdown of 

food bowls or toys 

can lead to major health issues

Confidence in knowing you are doing 

what’s best for your pet

Corona Virus and Pet Stress

It’s not uncommon for our pets to be emotionally affected when we are dealing with stressful and emotional situations, such as the Coronavirus. Allow us to assist you in recognizing what’s going on inside of your pet, and bring to light how they are being affected during these trying times. 

Dev System

With our scanning system, we are the bridge between you and your pets. Pets are part of the family, and like all families we often have trouble communicating how we are affected by what’s going on around us.  

Don’t worry, we are here for you and your pet!

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🚑 Pet Healthcare 🚑

Welcome to the future of remote Pet Healthcare utilizing quantum physics analytics!

  1. Remote Scanner
  2. Web Portal access
  3. Scan your pet up to 4x per month
  4. Remove the guesswork from choosing pet food
  1. Handheld Remote Scanner
  2. 3 remote Pet Scan reviews in the comfort of your home
  3. Consultations (3-30 minute Practitioner Pet Scan Review of the Results).
  4. Recommendations
  5. 3 month supply (Custom Compound Solutions)
  6. Website Personal Login
  1. Handheld Remote Scanner
  2. 6 remote Pet Scan reviews in the comfort of your home
  3. Consultations (6 – 30 minute Practitioner Pet Scan Review of Results for the emotional state of your pet as well as the Strength Drivers of your Pet).
  4. Recommendations
  5. 6 month supply (Custom Compound Solutions)
  6. Website Personal Login ​


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